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Do's and Don'ts For the New School Year

The 2022-23 school year opening day is approaching. Here are some do’s and don’ts parents
might consider:

  1. Do embrace the truth that you are an expert on your child’s needs. Don’t let the school system intimidate you to believe they know what is best.
  2. Do question your child’s curriculum. Don’t let the school system get away with teaching morals, values and agendas that do not align with teaching math, English, science, geography, history and civics
  3. Do make yourself visible. Don’t be unidentifiable.
  4. Do insist on transparency for every aspect of your child’s education. Don’t count on the school administration to be transparent on their own.
  5. Do support school choice. Don’t limit the possibilities.
  6. Do have conversations with like-minded parents. Don’t believe you are the only one who recognizes the problems.
  7. Do believe that you are often being fed dysfunctional conclusions about school district spending. Don’t believe that spending more money can cure a deficit problem.
  8. Do believe there is a cancel culture. Don’t believe you are a victim.
  9. Do attend school board meetings. Don’t think there is nothing you can do.
  10. Do believe you are now awake. Don’t believe you have to be woke.

Gretchen Slover
Certified Leadership Parent Coach

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